Self-fulfilling Prophecy

boarI love Asian decor. I actually have a theory that my real father is Asian, but I’ll leave that story for another time. Back to the decor. While hanging a Chinese calendar on my wall I noticed that it was the year of the boar, which, just so happens to coincide with my birthday. Who knew that I was a boar? After it was hung I then read the fortune for the boar:

“You are a splendid companion, an intellectual with a very strong need to set difficult goals and carry them out. You are kind, diligent, sincere, and you are happy to help others. But, you are a little slack, and tend to be resigned to fate.”

I must admit I was pretty pleased with my fortune – everything except for the last sentence that is. I read it to myself again. “But, you are a little lack, and tend to be resigned to fate.” Now, I’m not exactly a big believer in fortune cookies or palm readings but I couldn’t help but wonder what it meant. Was I lazy? Is that what was meant by “slack”? Was I doomed to be just an OK achiever in life and not the great achiever I envision myself to be? And where does “fate” come in here? Do I have some predestined course set out for my life that I have no control over?

I decided right then and there that only I would write my fate. I am a much bigger believer in self-fulfilling prophecy than I am of fortunes. (Self-fulfilling prophecy: actions and/or behaviors that happen as a result of being foretold by either ourselves, others, or society). I grabbed a black marker and, with the calendar still hanging on the wall, crossed out the last sentence. Then I stepped back and looked at the calendar, shaking my head up and down. “Much better,” I thought to myself, “I’ll keep the other stuff – I like it.”


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