Being Comfortable Alone Is a Major Step Towards That Place of Wholeness

It always amazes me how afraid people are to go out and do things alone. I have a friend who won’t even go to the mall by himself. Maybe people are worried about what others think of them. Maybe they’re scared of being perceived as a loner, a loser, or someone who doesn’t have any friends. Whatever the case may be, I encourage all of you to let go of those worries and enjoy your own company. And I don’t mean spend the entire date with yourself on the phone texting other people. Put the phone away and be with yourself. Granted, this will probably not feel comfortable at first, but the only way it will get better is if you practice.

Do some people watching. Have conversations with yourself (inside, not outside your head). Read the paper or journal your thoughts.  Wander around a bookstore. Go to the record store. Get a manicure. Have a beer at your favorite bar.

Being comfortable alone is a major step towards that place of wholeness- the place where you don’t need another individual to make you feel confident and comfortable. The place where you are able to fill yourself and be happy alone. Not to say that being surrounded by friends isn’t a wonderful thing. But when the night is over and everyone parts ways, are you still happy? Are you still whole?


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