There Is No Substitute For Engaged Human Interaction

I teach interpersonal communication at a local Community College and shared an episode of Lie To Me with my students today. The show features a team of deception analysts who basically determine whether or not the accused are lying by examining their nonverbal communication. It can be a little dramatic at times but overall cool stuff. I figured they would jump at any opportunity to watch “tv” and no doubt they sprang right up as the episode began. Mind you, it’s about 8:30 a.m.

Surprisingly, about ten minutes into the show they started sinking off and slouching in their chairs. One student even put his head down on the desk for a cap nap (something I would never tolerate if I was lecturing). They had this immediate and joyful reaction to begin watching the show and then all of a sudden they were just gone…

As an educator, I certainly believe in utilizing technology and stimulating all the senses through interaction, games, video, etc. But today I realized that there truly is no substitute for engaged human interaction, especially in a place like a classroom where people come together to learn. The characters in the screen couldn’t connect with and wake up my students. And no matter how much they might seem to be enjoying the video, or the idea of the video, it is so much more rewarding to be exchanging knowledge. Together…


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