Food Revolution

I’m not a huge fan of TV, but I am a huge fan of anyone who uses television to promote the desparate need in this country for a more conscious lifestyle. I was recently turned on to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. It’s a reality series on abc that, thankfully you can watch on hulu because I threw my television in the alley. Jamie is a renowned (and adorable) English chef that decides he is going to revolutionize Huntington, West Virginia, the most unhealthy city in the US. I first watched the series thinking that Jamie’s revolution would be swift and relatively seamless, but I am boggled by the amount of resistance he encounters in trying to transform the way people eat. I would think that if someone asked, “Hey, do you want this completely processed frozen pizza or a fresh meal prepared from scratch by a world famous chef?” that the answer would be obvious. But as Borat would say, not so much…


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