Right now I’m relaxing at Omaha’s 13th Street Coffee Co. enjoying a delicious iced green tea. It’s hot and humid outside but inside the temperature is as cool as the jazz playing softly through the overhead speakers. I have been  reminded over the last few days about the pleasantness and necessity of taking time to slow down, although that probably sounds ironic coming from a girl who can’t wait to get to New York City.

I went to a yoga class this morning in the Old Market area of downtown. I think that area is my favorite part of this city. Cobblestone streets, coffee shops, delicious dining. Plus, it’s fun to watch locals down there taking in “the big city.” Oh, how life is relative. Anywho, back to yoga. This was the first yoga class I’ve taken away from my familiar yoga community. It’s a bit of a heartbreak and I felt myself resisting at first, thinking, “No, this isn’t how we do it,” but then I had to remind myself that yoga is a living, breathing thing that changes, evolves and surprises us. Feeling that reluctance was just my body’s unwillingness to accept change. So I calmed down a bit, got into a groove and started to enjoy myself. At the end of the class, the five of us women present enjoyed a cup of tea together in a circle- kinda felt like community.

The familiar, be it in yoga or your hometown coffee shop, is comforting because we know exactly what to expect. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be pleasantly surprised by the unfamiliar. So while I’m in this strangely bucolic part of the country, I’ll sip it’s unfamiliarity like a new flavor of iced tea. Zen…


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