Never Live In A Glory Day

Hello Beautiful Mojo Readers,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? So much to say, where do I start?

New York continues to be full of transition and adventure. Things move quickly here and yet at the same time slowly. The pace is fast but the line at Whole Foods in Union Square is long, color-coded and managed by an employee who makes sure you know where the end of the line is when it begins to wrap around the store. Fall seems to be fading already as the lush, colorful trees begin to drop their leaves. Volunteer days at the farm officially ended last weekend until the Spring season so I’ve been putting that extra time into cooking, but I already miss digging in the dirt. I spent some time upstate with old friends- riding horses, hiking and keeping warm by the biggest bonfire I’ve ever seen (they burned a bed frame, among other items). I even toured around SUNY Oneonta, my alma mater. It was a bit of a time warp walking by my old dorm and classrooms but I realized that I didn’t have any feelings of longing or wanting to go back in time.

One of my dear yogi friends said that he never wants to live in a glory day, and I think about that often. I was happy to not feel like I wanted to go back to college or relive those crazy, fun times. I like moving forward- looking back with sweet nostalgia, but not with longing or regret. Life is always sweeter in the present. So here’s a little bit of my sweet:

When I first moved here, I did a lot of yoga studio hopping. There’s only about a million yoga studios in the greater metro area. Ugh. Some of the classes (and teachers) were great. Others were so terrible that I felt like I needed a yoga class to recover from the yoga class. One day I found a little studio in Great Neck called Bonda Yoga. It was the first yoga studio I had been to in a while that really welcomed me and made me feel like part of a community. Since that first class I have been received with open arms both as a student and a teacher. For the past few weeks I have been teaching their new community class on Fridays that is free and open to everyone. Because of the warm feedback of my students, I’ll now be teaching a regular class on Sundays as well. I know that I have plenty of growing to do as a teacher but I leave every class feeling rejuvenated and ready to move forward the next week. It feels so good to know that I have a community who is with me along for the ride.

I promise to keep you posted and hope you’ll be along for the ride too…



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One response to “Never Live In A Glory Day

  1. Vicki

    Your post always leave me feeling warm and fuzzy, but mostly happy that you know that your life’s a journey and not a destination. You have captured that beautifully.

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