What is MoJo?

mo.jo (mj)
1. belief in oneself and one’s abilities; self-confidence; self reliance; assurance
2. a feeling or consciousness of full trust; belief in one’s powers, trustworthiness, or reliability

Because Everyone Could Use a Little Mojo…

One response to “What is MoJo?

  1. Have you found any body in your spirit mirror? inquires the player

    Child replies yes one . and that is “Roger Federer ” and before ?child say very very few which includes Pete Sampras and Bjon Borg and few more……what was the best moments and best match in your opinion ,child replies Roger Federer winning French Open 2009 and match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal Wimbeldon final 2009 as match.

    you are knowledgeable ball picker , please tell me what should I do to come in your spiritual mirror requests the player. you play with your one hand so other hand has four fingers and one thumb so give you four finger tips. replies child,

    first love your racket, second love yourself, third love opponent, four always smile as winner or loser.

    Player inquires if child wants to be the inspiration coach .
    child thanks the player and replies,
    let me enjoy my work I love picking the the balls “perhaps”,

    P.S:-inspired while reading poem “perhaps” at Tekia’ blog. more notes from wimbeldon 2010…

    divine…you are good coach…..remain ordinary to
    become extra ordinary………..

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