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Simply Magical

Somewhere along Highway 68 is the town of Yellow Springs, Ohio. This place is an unlikely gem, nestled in the flat farmland of the Midwest. The town is as sweet as the smell of lush trees that encase its borders. A little main street greets it’s passersby with coffee shops, cafes, bars, taverns and little shops. The people are laid back and smile at you when you walk by.

We pulled up into the town just after a big thunderstorm, catching glimpses of lightning flooding the sky as we arrived at the Springs Motel- Yellow Springs most charming overnight stay. Actually, it is Yellow Springs only overnight stay but is extremely charming nevertheless. I think our tiny room was $49. Snacks were 50 cents (just put your quarters in the jar next to the fridge). The sweetest amenity was a small purple journal whose pages were filled with the stories of fellow travelers who stayed at the motel: quarreling lovers looking for a getaway, families in town for weddings, recent high school and college graduates, and one homeless woman who said she had a friend who was kind enough to put her up for a few nights. Hers was the story I wanted to read most. Unfortunately, her handwriting was also the one I could comprehend least.

As the lightning tapered off and the night sky surrounded us in darkness, thousands of fire flies graced us with twinkling sparkles, filling the air like glittery stars. Simply magical.

Waking here the next morning was as precious as our arrival. We turned our alarms off and woke instead to huge booming cracks of thunder. Breakfast was had at the Sunrise Cafe- local, organic deliciousness. Oh, and there was sage in their made-to-order biscuits and gravy. At this point, I’m in love.

The morning rain gave way just in time for us to explore the nearby glen. If this town was magical, then this glen was enchanted- funny, fluttering bugs, luscious green everywhere and water breaking the sweet silence. And again, I’m in love…

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