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Accomplish What You Want In Life: Make a To-Do-List

post-it-noteDo you feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do? Do you become anxious when approaching impending deadlines? Do you feel like you want to accomplish a lot in your life but get stuck wasting time just trying to take care of business? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then it’s time to start making a to-do-list.

To-do-lists can be daunting but they can also be extremely motivating and useful when used correctly. Here’s a how-to on making a to-do-list:

1. First, you need to recognize the difference between your to-do-list and your list of goals. Goals are the “end product” so to speak, the thing that you ultimately want to accomplish. Your to-do-list is all the little steps that will get you there. More on goals later…

2. Write down everything you need to do for the day, week, or month in no particular order. Just remember to keep your timeline relatively short so it doesn’t become overwhelming. You can always start with a daily to-do-list and work your way up from there.

3. Now, re-organize your list in order of timeliness by separating your tasks into three categories:
A. tasks that need to be completed immediately
B. tasks that need to be completed but can wait a little
C. tasks that don’t need to be completed for a while

4. Re-write your to-do-list in this order. I like to write mine on a post-it that I put on my computer keyboard. For those of you more technically inclined it might be useful to enter these into your phone or personal organizer. Wherever you write it, just be sure it is somewhere you will actually SEE it! A hidden to-do-list isn’t going “to-do” you any good.

5. Get-to-it!

Try this for a day and let me know how it works!

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