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Doubt Yourself Less. Challenge Yourself More.

What do you do when opportunity knocks? I read this great book by Wes Moss called Starting From Scratch that tells the stories of 22 entrepreneurs. In it he says that “many people mistakenly think that their biggest stumbling block is lack of knowledge.” I hear people like my aunt tell me that she can’t start her own interior decorating business because she’s not good enough, even though she’s an incredibly talented artist. I hear my inner voice getting shaky when I’m asked if I can take on a new website project because I feel like I never know enough to do the project well. But Moss also says that “most of us avoid first steps because we tend to resist and avoid change.”

Change is scary but the alternative is to remain stagnant and unmoving. Sure, our routines can be provide us with a sense of comfort and reliability but they can’t provide us with the feeling of empowerment that comes from taking on challenges. Doubt yourself less. Challenge yourself more. Make mistakes and learn from them. Grow, grow, grow…

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