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Saccharin In My Toothpaste?

Of the many things I’m learning while on my no-refined-sugar diet, one of the more disturbing ones was realizing that my Arm & Hammer toothpaste has saccharin in it. Saccharin? Really? The same sweetener in Sweet’n Low is in my toothpaste- the stuff that is supposed to help protect your teeth and fight against everything sugar is doing to destroy them. Maybe I should just brush with Sweet’n Low.

I switched to Tom’s natural toothpaste right away. No saccharin or other sweeteners. Brushing your teeth is supposed to be about teeth and gum care. I don’t care how jacked up on sugar we are as a culture- toothpaste is one place where sweet does not belong. Give me mint, give me flouride. Don’t give me a lollipop.

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